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Problem Solving

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A precise sequence of instructions for processes that can be executed by a computer
Aluminum boats problem
Create aluminum foil boats to hold as many pennies as possible
Birthday party guest problem
Try to get everyone seated for a birthday party, respecting who wants to and does not to sit with others
A machine that inputs, outputs, stores, and processes information.
Computer processing
The ability to change or manipulate information in a structured manner.
Computer storage
The ability to save data for later retrieval
Counting process
Any process that determines the number of times a certain event or calculation occurs
Define step of problem solving
Used to specify what the problem itself is, and what goals you intend to achieve.
Short for Input/Output
A device or component that allows information to be given to a computer
Matching process
Any process that compares two elements to determine if they are identical or similar
Any device or component that receives information from a computer
Plan a trip problem
Consider whether a planned process to go somewhere meets certain goals
Prepare step of problem solving
Gather resources toward achieving your goal, which will be attempted in the Try step. Also make a plan.
Problem solving process
A general process for approaching multiple problems
Reflect step of problem solving
Determine whether your attempt met the goal you set for yourself, what you can learn and what problems you now want to solve
Smartphone app
Any software that runs on a smartphone, which does many of the things a computer would do
Smartphone movie recommendation app
An app that recommends a movie to watch
Smartphone ring silencer app
An app that silences a smartphone when you are at school, and turns the volume back on when the user leaves school
Sorting process
Any process that puts a set of elements into a natural or logical order based on a set of rules
Try step of problem solving
Attempt your plan, putting it into action
Word search problem
Find words in a grid of letters