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EarSketch Online Audio Programming

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Short for Digital Audio Workstation, this is a visual environment for playing and analyzing audio tracks that are combined into a larger audio composition.
EarSketch is an online environment which allows programmers to write code that becomes sample-driven musical compositions.
EarSketch API
Short for Application Programming Interface, this is the set of tools that allows EarSketch users to create audio programs.
EarSketch audio library
A selection of clips that EarSketch programmers can incorporate into their compositions, from many genres and instruments
EarSketch clip
A single sample of music that can be positioned on a track
EarSketch fitMedia function
Used to position a single clip onto a track at a given location, fit between a start measure and end measure.
EarSketch getAmplitude function
Used to acquire a floating-point representation of the current volume of a given track in a range of 0-1, inside onLoop
EarSketch makeBeat function
Used to repeat one or more clips into a single measure on a single track in user-defined patterns
EarSketch onLoop function
Runs approximately 60 times per second to connect current track amplitude to redraw the visual canvas
EarSketch setEffect function
Used to modify sounds in a given track in a number of numerically-oriented fashions.
EarSketch setTempo function
Determines the beats per minute of an EarSketch composition, that is then used to scale audio clips
EarSketch visualization canvas
An area on which programmers can code rectangles and circles of various sizes and colors, which react to track amplitudes and measures