Vocabulary Terms

Variables and the Assignment Statement

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Arithmetic operators
a symbol that asks for two numbers to be combined by arithmetic
Assignment statement
changes the value that is held in a variable
Any valid unit of code that resolves to a value.
In programming, this is the name given to a variable, method, class or other user-nameable segment of code
Increment operation
Adding one or more to the value of a variable
Typing a value directly into code
character that represents an action
Reserved word
A word that has a special meaning to the programming language
The meaning of what a program does during its execution
The vocabulary and grammar of a language, programming or otherwise.
Syntax error
A problem with the vocabulary or grammar of a program.
Unary minus
-- operation decrements the value of a variable by one
Unary plus
++ operation increments the value of a variable by one
A placeholder for a piece of information that can change.
Variable Declaration
A program creating a variable in memory and giving that memory location a label