Vocabulary Terms

Small Java Programs

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Part of a program that does not work correctly.
Case sensitivity
In programming, identifiers must use specific upper and lowercase characters
In programming, this is the name given to a variable, method, class or other user-nameable segment of code
Java class
a section of a program that describes an object
Java comment
Text written to anyone reading source code, identified using special characters
Java method
A group of one or more statements used to execute something inside of a class
Main method
The method of a class used as the entry point for a Java program
Multiline comment
Everything between /* and */ within a Java source code file
Program statement
A part of a program that executes a single action.
Reserved word
A word that has a special meaning to the programming language
Single line comment
Everything after two forward slashes // in a line of code
Statement block
A set of program statements that execute one after the other.
Statement terminator
A special character indicating the end of a program statement
String literal
A series of characters between quotation marks, written directly into code
The vocabulary and grammar of a language, programming or otherwise.
Syntax error
A problem with the vocabulary or grammar of a program.